Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Oh, joy

How much more heartbreak do I have to endure today? One of my best art and choir students suddenly dropped both of my classes saying she was too busy. Now I get to spend my afternoon bus route fighting tears just like I spent the morning bus route. Why I left myself get upset by this stuff is beyond my ken at the moment.


Omnibabe said...

Okay, NOW I get it, as I went back and read your previous post. You are a good person. You don't post because you want affirmation, you post because you want to share who you are. Just because of one squirrel who has issues of her own tries to make you feel bad is no good reason to cut yourself off from the rest of us who know you and love you.

Send the card, because you were raised to send a thank-you when you receive a gift. Common courtesy is still the classy way to handle things.

Then unfriend the person and don't look back. Whatever is going on is her problem, not yours... until she chooses to actual quit playing passive-aggressive games and tell you exactly where she's coming from.

Big hugs and (unsolicited) affirmations from me!

Chick Voice said...

About a decade ago, I lost a friendship with someone who'd been my closest friend............for years. We were close. I was at the birth of her children. That kind of close. I still couldn't really tell you what happened. Because I still don't know. She made a scene in a restaurant, and used some vile language aimed at me. Never really had that happen to me before, or since, that day. I'm sure the situations are quite different, but I share your pain. My former friend, still haunts my dreams. Literally. But I seldom think of her in my awake time. And in looking back I see some of the toxicity of the friendship that I put up with back then. For many years, I felt I should reach out to her and see if I could figure it all out, and make amends for some "not known to me" transgression. But with time, I realized it was her and not me that blew things up. And I just let it all go. Now nothing is left but curiosity.