Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bye, Facebook.

For anyone who might possibly be checking here for an explanation for my disappearance from Facebook (I know there really are only about two people who still check here occasionally, and that's fine by me)... I'm just done. 

I'm going to be combing through the posts here in the next few days if I can get the time, deleting any that I think need deleting, and then I'll start using the blog to post pictures of school events, since I know that some parents enjoy being able to see them. I'll probably disable comments, though. 

You know how sometimes you "just can't even" ? Yeah, well that whole "even" business is overrated. I really can't. Not today. Probably not tomorrow. Maybe not ever again.

Thanks for understanding.

1 comment:

Omnibabe said...

Fortunately, I have you on my RSS feed. Dunno what happened, but you know you're in my heart.