Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who's a nerd?

My twelve year old son, Isaac, mentioned to me last night that he had only one regret about his name.

"I really like the name 'Isaac', mom, but there's one thing I really hate about it."

"Oh yeah?" I said.

"Yeah. Nobody seems to know how to spell it," he grieved. "Everybody spells it 'ISSAC' and it makes me crazy."

"You'd think people would realize that it has two As and not two Ss," I commiserated. "I suppose that's my fault."

"Why is it your fault?" he asked.

"Well, I should've thought of that when I named you 'ISAAC'. Even your teachers at school get it wrong about half the time," I said.

"Yeah, but it's gotten better since they actually corrected the spelling in the school database," he said. "That was really annoying to be on the computerized roll sheet as 'ISSAC' every year. How did you get them to change that?"

"It pays to have friends in high places," I said. "I just marched right into Janet's office and said 'Change it' and she did."

"Dang. Do you think you could go in there on Monday morning and tell them to change it to 'Doctor Who'? Because it would be really cool to have the teacher call the roll and say 'DOCTOR WHO' and I could say 'HERE'"

I love having a nerd for a son.


Anonymous said...

are you sure rick is this kid's father?

Anonymous said...

I wonder where he gets that from? Mom?

Gradual Dazzle said...

Heh... I think he got a double dose of it. We're both hopelessly devoted to sci-fi, and Brit sci-fi is just that much more awesome.

The Moss Boss said...