Sunday, December 12, 2010

Word of the day

My feet are freezing. I don't expect they'll thaw again til, oh, sometime next June. And that's living in Texas. I don't know if my feet ever thawed when I lived in Iowa. I first became re-acquainted with my bare feet back in 2006 when we moved back to Texas.

Any-hoo, I know it's late in the evening for such activities, but Sundays being what they are, I figure nobody really cares overmuch. Today's word is going to continue the temperature reference from yesterday.

frigiferous (adj) bringing, bearing or causing cold

Frigiferous winds blew over the desolate corn stubble.

They say we'll have 70 degree highs midweek here. Texas weather is so weird this time of year. You just never know. I mean, in Iowa, we knew. We didn't know how MUCH snow or ice or desperately cold wind, but we could count on those things nonetheless. Here? We could have six inches of snow one day and have it all melt off in balmy warmth the very next day.

I think I'll move to Fiji. I'm betting there isn't a whole lot of variability in their weather patterns...


Phillymon said...

These woolly slippers are what you need

It's astonishing how well woolly slippers work for keeping your feet warm, even warming them up if they are already cold.

Seriously. These have Harry Potter-level magic in them.

Gradual Dazzle said...

Ooh, Philly, those look terrific. But do you Floridians actually ever NEED woolly slippers? :)