Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I said a word...

I freely confess. I did say a word after I accidentally kicked the corner of the TV stand last night. And it wasn't "Ouch," although it did have four letters as well. Sorry if this disappoints anyone.

One friend asked if I planned to call an ambulance or a toe truck... and my Aunty Ada exclaimed, "Krakatoe-a!" Aren't puns just awesome? I love them.


Lynn said...

Now you will kick everything in the house with it.
That's the rule.

Anonymous said...

just don't go "toe to tow" with anyone for a while. But if you run into Mr. Toed, you and him can live up it up and share a few "toems". Actually I am "toetally" surprised you did this, as you are usualy full of agilitoe. But since you are crippled, you can always "toest" to the New Year standing or sitting. Ok OK I'll "toen" it down a little and quite making a "foot" of myself!

Anonymous said...

oh wait, just one or toe more puns, do you now sing "altoe"? but be careful, you do not get "toemaine" poisoning!
so what, it was 3 more, , i never oucld count past "toe" so sue me, i snuck in another 1/2 pun.