Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Death of a Computer

Apparently we had some sort of power surge that affected BOTH our computers -- my creakingly aged laptop and our fairly new desktop -- and fried both of them beyond repair. [sigh] I am grateful that most of the things I needed to keep were being stored on my 1TB external drive, which apparently managed to survive intact. Still, I miss my old familiar friend. I had grown accustomed to him over the past, well, let's see... I guess I've had him for six years. That's pretty decent for a laptop, no?

We managed to procure a VERY inexpensive desktop to replace them, since both of us really have to have access to the internet to get vital things accomplished... bills paid, jobs produced, etc... but a new laptop for me will have to wait now. I had considered just doing one of the cheap netbook things, but after consideration, I really do require something with a little more oomph because of all the graphics and photography work I do.

On a health-related note, I received the (expected) news that the lumpy-bumpys in my inguinal region really are just odd-shaped (but unremarkable) lymph nodes. Dr. Cichon did mention that the MRI picked up on ovarian cysts... I nodded my head, but kept thinking Well Duh, I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, of course I have ovarian cysts... interestingly, the doctor who gave me my original PCOS diagnosis did not do an ultrasound or an MRI at all, so the presence of actual cysts was never confirmed. I just showed every OTHER symptom of PCOS, so that's what he concluded. And apparently I have now received visual confirmation. [shrug] This, my friends, is why I have only one biological child... and is more proof that his existence is truly a miracle.

Speaking of my one biological child, he got word tonight that he will be part of the cast of the community college's production of Alice in Wonderland. They're re-interpreting the story with a Steampunk vibe, and have done some tweaking. Isaac is playing the part of the Frog Footman, and naturally will have to adopt a French accent for said part. I sink we can do zis, no?

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