Thursday, July 01, 2010

Eclipse babes

All dressed up in black and ready to head to the movie theater to see Eclipse... a little mom/teenage-daughter bonding time. Nevermind that I'm on Team Edward and she's on Team Jacob. We can have our differences and still live in the same house. Heck, we've been doing that for sixteen years now, dontcha know.

Actually, I continue to find Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Bella to be wooden and rather dull. But I enjoyed the books, so I will go to the movies when they come out, and I did enjoy it. I like the size of the wolves, and I like the Quileute characters. I love-love-love the Cullens. Jasper played more of a pivotal role in this one than in the others, and he stepped up and did a fantastic job of it.

Too many smoochy scenes and boring discussions, though, and although there were some decent fight scenes, they weren't nearly enough to rescue this snooze-fest.

Don't hate. It's just my opinion.

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