Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day-trip to Fort Worth

After my weekend jaunt with my girlfriends last Friday, I decided that it was ridiculous that we lived so close to Fort Worth and that my kids hadn't been down to the Stockyards or hadn't seen the daily cattle drive that happens on the streets of old downtown. So today my mom and I loaded up my charges and we headed down to Exchange Street to see some longhorn cattle.

I think I'm so white, I glow in the dark. I know that I reflect sun rays onto everyone else around me, thus aiding in everyone else's tan. Hey, I do what I can. Besides, while it's patently unfair that I have to be Day-Glo White, I can lay claim to the prize of having only four or five hairs on my legs, negating any need for leg-shaving. I don't shave, I tweeze. You're jealous. But you're also tan, so shut up.

This cowboy was quite adept at flicking the whip and making it crack like a gunshot. He also had trained his horse to smile for the camera, which was a nice touch. I think my mom might've gotten a photo of that hilarity, so when I get the chance to upload her pics, I'll try to remember to post one here to show you.

I really enjoyed getting a look at this fellow's horse. I think that this particular paint pattern might qualify as a "Medicine Hat" paint, because he was almost completely white except for a "hat" spot on top of his head. I could be wrong, I didn't Google it or anything, I'm just going by what I remember from that old Marguerite Henry story about the Medicine Hat Stallion back when I was a little kid reading every single horse book I could get my mitts on.

They drive a herd of longhorn cattle down Exchange Street twice a day, every day. It's very cool to watch.

Afterwards we went to Riscky's Barbeque and I enjoyed --nay, demolished-- some beef ribs that were absolute perfection.

And then after that, we drove over to the Modern and to the Kimbell museums to take in some art. Saw several Jackson Pollocks, Andy Warhols, a nifty Rothko and an awesome Donald Judd sculpture (among much awesomeness at the Modern), and then at the Kimbell we saw one of the coolest things EVAR -- the earliest known Michelangelo painting, done by him when he was about twelve or thirteen years old. Unbelievable. The dude was incredibly gifted.

After THAT, we went over to the TCU campus to check out a little-known but very cool collection of meteorites.

It was a marvy day in a terrific town. Fort Worth is pure awesomeness. If you've never visited it, you really should.

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