Sunday, June 13, 2010

Outta here

Miss Alice left for Camp Spike 'n Wave (camp for kids with epilepsy -- get it?) this morning. She has been worked-up about it all week, counting down the days, checking to be sure I packed her toothpaste, etc... she always has a rollicking good time down there in Aggieland and I am grateful to whoever sponsors her (I suspect it's her own neurologist, but we will never know) because there is absolutely no way on earth we would be able to send her there otherwise. And I don't know of a kid who deserves a week at camp more than Sweet Miss Alice.

I packed her clothes in individual ziploc bags by day, with all the stuff she needs (I'm an obsessive mom, I know, you don't have to bring that up), along with a little Note From Mom. I remembered the fiasco last year where I woke up the next morning after she left and realized she only had the one pair of yucky shoes she was wearing when they drove away... and I subsequently was completely consumed with worry ALL WEEK LONG about it... so this year she has the pair of tennies she has on, plus another pair, plus a pair of slip-ons for the pool.

Please, God, keep her safe and let her have a week of complete bliss and delight.

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