Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My addiction du jour


I can't get enough of 'em lately.

The best brand I have found is actually the Wal-Mart brand, "GreatValue" ... the nuts are fatter and much higher quality than any other brand I've tried.

The other food crush I'm nursing at the moment is home-made salsa verde... made by one of my students' mom. It's quite possibly one of the hottest things I ever ate, but it's so good I can't stop eating it when I start. I have to mix it with cream cheese or sour cream in order to consume it at all, and I use pita chips since I can't have the corn tortilla kind. Last night I even varied it up a little and added diced avocado to the salsa mixture.

It was pretty darn good, really. And lots of, er, gas mileage. I could run the power plant tonight with this much natural gas.

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