Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sadie the Scottie wins the big one

Great Scot! Sadie wins at Westminster
Sadie earned her 112th best in show ribbon. Also reaching the final ring were a brittany that recently had two litters, a whippet that can run 35 mph, a Doberman pinscher headed into retirement, a white toy poodle who overcame his anxiety around crowds, a Canadian-bred French bulldog and a puli that twice won the herding group.

When I was in elementary school, our neighbors had a herd of Scottie dogs. I was absolutely petrified, terrified, of those dogs. If I got anywhere near their fence, they would all as a unified group come tearing out of nowhere, barking ferociously. Even today, I would probably never get too close to a Scottie... my rational mind knows it's no big deal, but that scared little seven-year-old girl in me still quails at the thought of those pert black dogs.

All the same, congrats to Sadie. I'm sure she's a terrific dog.

I just probably won't ever be running out to buy a Scottie pup. Some things make lasting impressions on developing psyches, yanno?

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