Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ringing in the new year?

Saw this article over at the Beeb and got all excited about the possibilities:

Music therapy may help cut tinnitus noise levels
It is thought that around 1-3% of the population have chronic ringing in their ears which is significant enough to reduce their overall quality of life.

Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers said although the cause of tinnitus remains unknown, it has been shown that the part of the brain that processes sounds is frequently disrupted in people with the condition.

The theory behind the new technique is that removing the spectrum of noise associated with tinnitus from the music reduces activity in the brain relating to that frequency, alleviating the condition.

Hmm. I sure do hope they find something that's practical and do-able to treat tinnitus. It's a booger-bear of a problem.

Trying to ferret out the origins and practicable treatments for my own inner-ear issues, I am discovering that a monster headache invariably arrives just before I have an episode, and that if I take a couple of Excedrin early enough, I can usually prevent the episode. Just wondering aloud here, but I wonder if it's some kind of migraine thing that I get periodically, or if perhaps there's a relation between Meniere's and migraines...? Dunno.

UPDATE: Of course, there is always Google to the rescue. According to a web site called "", Meniere's and migraine might be two sides of the same coin for some people. I'd be willing to bet on that being my issue precisely. At any rate, it's been easy to control with OTC meds (Excedrin, specifically), if I catch it in time. Heaven help me if I don't, though. Or if I use something besides Excedrin. I think it's the caffeine that's added into Excedrin that helps, since I don't regularly consume caffeinated drinks anymore.

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