Sunday, January 31, 2010

Business purchase

Just made a bidness-related purchase... I went to RubberStamps-Dot-Net and ordered a stamp to use on the back of my cards. It has my e-mail address and my Etsy address on it. I decided NOT to put my phone number because I'd rather deal with people online and not on the celly. I'm not a talker.

I called my bidness "Dazzling Designs." It's not wonderful, but I figure it relates to my e-mail address well enough AND incorporates the blingy-ness of the cards.

I have already made some dough on these things... not a LOT of dough, but it's coming in AND I'm getting great feedback. I would really like for this to take off. It's something I can do and I like doing it enough to keep doing it.

I may look into some local craft fair events; these are cheap enough and easy enough to produce that it just might be a pretty good sell at one of those kinds of places.

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