Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chinese dumplings

I've done steamed dumplings for my own brood several times and had a blast doing them. Tonight I got to share them with the extended family.

Ingredients in this mega-batch: a pound each of ground turkey, ground pork and ground beef... minced garlic... chopped fresh spinach... black sesame seed... sesame oil... soy sauce... beni shoga pickled red-thread ginger... grated fresh ginger... chopped water chestnuts.

This was a particularly tasty batch. I loved the extra little bit of pungency from the double ginger commingled with the garlic and the sesame oil. They weren't overly greasy at all, since I used very lean meat in it, and the spinach added lovely color as well as nutrition and flavor.

The whole family agreed, these are GOOD EATS. Beth & Brian also now have a new skill in their culinary arsenal, and they intend to use it. Beth was already plotting some filling ideas using cilantro and jalapeno.

The one thing I wasn't hugely happy about was that I had to use a different brand of wonton skins and I didn't like them as much as the brand I usually like to buy. They had too much dusty stuff on them. I know, it's necessary to keep them separated and unstuck, but it's also kinda messy and yucky to work with. Live and learn. And eat. Because they still tasted so good, hardly anybody could quit noshing on them.

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