Sunday, November 01, 2009

Visit with Pop

The kids and I drove to downtown Dallas after church today to visit Pop in the hospital. He's looking pretty good, although his abdomen is still severely distended because of the internal swelling that the Graft VS. Host Disease has wrought on his innards. His tremor is much improved, though.

We sat with him in the Family Visiting Room, where we watched the Cowboys game on the tee-vee. We do have our priorities, you know.

They're giving him TPN (which means that all his nutrition is coming intravenously) because of his severely inflamed GI tract, plus all his meds are going through the IV as well. He gets pretty tired out, but seems in good spirits. The kids and I were really glad to get to see him; it's been a long, LOOONG time since we've gotten to see him because somebody's been germy every weekend.

The kids also enjoy the drive down to Baylor because we go through downtown Dallas, which is a huge culture change from our usual rural digs. Plus, we get to go through a drive-through to eat -- and that's a major treat. We got McDonald's this time, one of our very favorites.

Keep praying for Pop, would you? He's just got to beat this. GVHD is such a PITA.

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