Friday, November 13, 2009

I had forgotten...

I had forgotten just how congested and FULL OF PEOPLE this place (NYC) is. I woke up this morning super-early... guess I'm excited to be here or something, go figure... and called down to the desk to ask where I might be able to go get some hairspray (couldn't carry that on the plane) and a curling iron (didn't have room for it in my bag). He said there was a pharmacy around the corner, so I put on some britches and a coat and headed out.

They're not kidding when they say this city never sleeps.

The pharmacy place was very much like a CVS or a Walgreens back home, and the prices were comparable -- which surprised me.

The hotel had some Starbuck's coffee downstairs, which I am currently partaking of while enjoying Fox & Friends. Then I'm off to enjoy this wonderful city. I really do love this place. I'll send in Tweets as I discover unusual or fun things, and I'll take lots of pictures. And tonight... tonight... tonight... I'll be ON BROADWAY enjoying gazing up at Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig on stage. Please, God, let them both be there tonight. No understudies, fellows... you can't be sick. Not allowed. Not when I've come all this way to see you both.

I guess I'm weird, but I like to drink my coffee with real cream. I can't have non-dairy creamer because it's made from corn products, so I have to have milk or half-and-half. There doesn't seem to be a coffee place anywhere that offers actual CREAM to people to put in their coffee. I don't have to have MUCH, but I just like the smoothness of it. I'm suffering through coffee with milk right now, and it'll do, but folks are just missing out by eschewing real cream. Seriously, peeps.

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