Wednesday, November 04, 2009

[heavy sigh]

She's in absolute self-destruct mode at the moment around here. We got an emergency appointment with the pediatric psychiatrist tomorrow. Something's gotta give, 'cuz we're just not going to be able to live like this any longer.

Either they give her meds that really work, or she goes to live in a residential treatment facility long-term.

And for anyone who thinks I just need to do more disciplining or more punishing or more whatever...

Would you recommend someone receive counseling or punishment to treat their crooked teeth? Or their juvenile diabetes?

It's the same thing. I promise you. Mental illness is a bitch, and it's having puppies right now. She needs serious, long-term drug treatment, even when she doesn't seem like she's having a problem. This is permanent, and this has nothing to do with HOW she was raised, whether she got spanked enough, or whether we do or don't give her things. She is just as disabled as her sister Alice, and because she can often talk a good game, she can convince you that she's not. Until it's too late and she's done something terminally stupid and self-destructive. And without going into details, I'm just going to say that she's getting waaaay too close to those outcomes.

I can't wait until it's too late.

For her sake and for the sake of the rest of the family. I have two other little lives to contend with and protect. What's optimum for her may not be so healthy for the other two. I would certainly prefer that she continue to live at home; I don't know that that's possible anymore.

Just pray for me, k? I don't really want advice from anyone here; I've sifted through all the advice I can handle right now. Wisdom from God to do what He wants -- that's what I need right now.

That, and I could really use a shot of supernatural agape-love for a kid who is increasingly hard to love.

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