Sunday, September 13, 2009

A spiffy lil' gift

A friend of mine sent me a nifty little thang this week: a "flowering tea" pot:

Looks like an ordinary glass teapot, right?

But what is that little funky ball thing down in it?

Whoa... that's just weird:

Hey! I really can boil water:

You boil the water, then let it sit for five minutes to cool a wee bit, then you pour it into the teapot:

Wow... what's it doing? Blooming?

Well, yeah, kind-of:

See, that ball thingy is tea leaves surrounding some lovely flowers, and in hot water it "blooms" into a funky flower:

It also comes with that awesome glass insert with thin slits in the bottom which you use as an infuser for loose teas (which I use pretty much exclusively these days). Those slits in the glass are miraculous in and of themselves and probably make up the bulk of the cost of this item -- do you know how hard it is to make thin little cuts in glass that don't make the vessel crack in two? I'm sure there's some great machine that does it up snip-snap without issue, but still! As someone who has worked with cutting glass, I'm fascinated by those little slits. Hey, I guess I'm easily entertained.

Anyhoo -- what a nice gift! I will use it daily to make my pot o'tea now, replacing the old plastic thing that's tea-stained and gross-looking that I've been using.

UPDATE: By the way, the tea pictured in that photo? It just might be the nicest jasmine tea I have EVER drunk, and I've had lots and lots of jasmine tea. It's perfect... not bitter... everything that truly excellent jasmine green tea should be. From now on, all other jasmine teas will be measured by this batch, because it's just wonderful. WONDERFUL. Good jasmine tea is akin to a spiritual experience for me, anyway. This might be nirvana.

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