Saturday, September 05, 2009

Crazy Sock Day

Last Thursday, before I suddenly began to go downhill with a nasty cold, this was my get-up for Sock It To The Dragons spirit day. I figured I'd wear as many of my crazy socks as I could, but since I only have two feet, I pinned the rest to my shirt.

You like, no? I even wore makeup for the occasion. I started wearing makeup again, since the weather isn't viciously hot enough to sweat it off by the time I get to school in the mornings.

This was taken early in the morning, while I was on parking-lot duty, before the first bell. By third period, I had begun a rapid descent into germ-ridden delirium and I went home. And stayed home the next day, too.

I don't like missing school, but I decided to heed everyone's warnings to STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK, and I was glad I did. I literally slept all afternoon on Thursday, all night that night, and off and on all day Friday. And I slept all night last night. I'd say that was a pretty good indication that I was sick.

This morning, however, I was scheduled to be a course monitor for the cross-country meet. I figured I'd go, particularly since I missed getting to take pictures at last night's football game in Chico, and since being a course monitor is easy because I just take my folding chair and park my sneezy self in it for the duration. And it gave me excellent access to photographs (which I posted to my Flickr account, should you be interested in viewing them).

I sure am glad Monday's a holiday, even if it is a Commie holiday. I need the recovery time.

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