Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The most dangerous link of all

Artisanal Cheese.


This is the one I want to try. It's called Pecorino Tartufo. The description from the site:

Pecorino Tartufo is an old style of Umbrian pressed sheep milk cheese. The cheese's buttery nutty flavor is enhanced with the addition of aromatic black truffles giving it a unique signature. The smooth toothsome texture gives the Pecorino Tartufo a long shelf life. However the cheese is particularly addictive so it's usually consumed rather quickly.

Holy cow. Or sheep. I gotta find me some of that. If I don't see any at the cheese counter at Kroger, I may just have to order some of it from the site itself for my birthday (November 14, in case anyone's getting any ideas).

The Manchego is rapidly disappearing, as I seem not to be the only one in the house who's fond of it. I also bought a wedge of lovely Gouda at the same time, and it is just superb.

I love cheese. Really I do:

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