Friday, July 24, 2009

To RedFish and my cousin Heather: do NOT read this post.

You were warned.

I smacked at a moth a few minutes ago and missed. He fluttered onto the windowsill, where he was promptly attacked, much to my delight:

Loxosceles reclusa

Gotta love a zoom lens, right? And I love me some good bug beat-downs... anytime a bug gets an asswhoopin from a friendly neighborhood spider, so much the better.

And I should be ashamed of the cobwebs in my windows, but there's just so much other crap needing to be done in this house, I frankly haven't bothered.

But then I looked a little closer.

Loxosceles reclusa

Unless I'm quite mistaken, this is a REALLY BIG female brown recluse spider.

Oh crap.

Okay, I have lost the irrational spider fear I used to have -- honestly, I really have -- but this is just not going to work for me. Rick will be spraying and vacuuming all the windowsills immediately. As in, this minute. As in, I ain't fixin' lunch for NOBODY until the windowsills have been cleared of this menace.

Mama ain't happy, folks.

I'm putting the "pets" tag on this post because this spider is roughly the same size as my dog.

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