Saturday, July 04, 2009

Texas TEA Party

Recognize this place?

pix 104

Yep! For those of us "of a certain age," we remember this scene quite well as belonging to none other than:

pix 105

On July 4, 2009, a TEA Party was held at Southfork Ranch.

I did NOT see J. R. or Miss Ellie. But J. R.'s capitalist spirit was roaming freely about the grounds.

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There was a Securi-TEA tent at the entrance where they searched your bags. There were also lots of folks with VolunTEAr t-shirts on as well.

I think they're saying that a lot fewer people showed up than were expected. Well, for one thing, it was the hottest day of the year so far. I think it officially got up to 103, according to the Dallas weather-guy on TV. I would also guess that more people came later, when it cooled a bit. We arrived at about 4PM and it was blazing. As was the passion for taking back our country.

The guy on stage started singing the national anthem and the entire place came to a standstill. When a little later he broke into "God Bless the USA," the crowd stood and sang along at the top of their lungs. Yep, lots of people who love our country the way it was founded and don't want to see it "Hope and Change."

Are you DC liberals paying attention? You had better be.

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