Sunday, June 07, 2009


Tonight I completed the last tidbits of the yearbook and submitted it to the publisher. It's now out of my hands and the summertime waiting game begins in earnest.

Last year's book arrived while I was in the hospital, but the principal brought a copy to me to peruse. I don't plan on being in the hospital THIS summer at all -- I'd better not be, anyway, because I am tired of being sliced and diced.

I designed the yearbook cover art you see here. It was hilarious to try to get all the seniors to jump in midair while I snapped their photo. Some were more than obliging, while others were extremely reluctant. The back cover (not pictured) contains the rest of the senior class.

I'm still a little keyed-up over the whole thing, but I need to try hard to put it behind me and get geared up for Vacation Bible School. It starts next Sunday night and I'm playing a major role. I haven't participated in a VBS for quite a few years, having found multitudinous reasons not to volunteer for it. This year, though, it seemed like it would be pretty crummy to be on staff at a church and not do VBS, so I told them I would. Next year I may plan to be out of town.

I'm a little bit run-down, physically. I sure do need this summer break to get my groove back.

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