Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Problem solved


Because I've lost 90 pounds, I want to go swimming again. But because I've lost 90 pounds, my arms and legs look like deflated balloons. Or, as someone I still love very much has joked, I now sport a great set of bingo wings. [snort] LMAO!!! I wonder what they're called when they're not arms but legs? I'm not sure I want to know.


So I bought a wetsuit instead. And I'm going swimming this afternoon. Yes, I am.

I've always been apple-shaped, which means that when I buy all-in-one things like this, the part below fits much looser than the part above. Oh well.

I had Rick take the picture for me, and he said he hoped that my legs didn't throw off the picture's white balance. [growl] Like I can help that. And like he has any room to talk, for that matter! haha

UPDATE: I went swimming!! And I didn't feel like a freak, either. I can definitely pronounce the wetsuit idea a success.

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