Monday, June 22, 2009


That's me. Potato-free AND corn-free. Or more specifically, potato STARCH free and corn STARCH free.

Looks like starch just might be the culprit behind my misery. I had improved dramatically after eschewing potatoes, and last night I made myself some pistachio pudding. I was up half the night, in abject misery. I went to the garbage can, dug out the pudding mix box, and the second ingredient after sugar was "Modified food starch."

Which I'm betting is taken from corn and/or potatoes mostly.

The research I did said that wheat and rice usually didn't have the same negative impact that potatoes and corn did, and so far that seems to be accurate for me.

So it's not a gluten issue and I don't need to go gluten-free... I just need to stay away from the really potatoey and corny starches.

Which is kind-of a bummer because that stuff is in EVERYTHING.

I can have fresh veggies and meats and stuff like that. I can have cheese -- but not processed cheese food fakey-stuff because a lot of that stuff is thickened and stabilized with starch. Mac & cheese? FULL of starchy stabilizers. It's not the pasta that kills me, it's the cheese sauce. The good part. [sigh]

I love potatoes. I think I'll miss them most. But I won't miss the pain and agony and misery. To avoid that, I'll never knowingly allow another granule of potato to cross my lips.

I like rice. I'll stick with rice when I need that sort of thing. I don't mind pasta, although it usually isn't my favorite thing.

SUSHI! I can have all the sushi I want. Yay!!

Sorry about the stream-of-consciousness... it's really late and I just stayed up watching the first two episodes of HBO's True Blood series that Rick rented for me. Dang... don't let your kids NEAR that show, but it's cool.

Good-night. Exciting stuff is on schedule for tomorrow... I'll post about it when it's done. Wheee!!

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