Friday, June 26, 2009

A new family member!

Pesky Poodle Puppy

Mom and Dad got a new poodle puppy. Isn't she adorable?!? She loves to harass poor Tess, who's blind and retarded and old. I don't mean those things in the pejorative sense; she really is blind and she really is brain-damaged thanks to an illness that nearly killed her several years ago. Tess is a good sport, though, and isn't mean at all.

Zoe the Poodle Puppy

Mom was watering the flowers and squirted her with the hose, so she's a little wet in this picture. But oh-so-cute!!!

Dad named her Zoe. He didn't ask us, of course -- why should he? it's their dog -- but we might've tried to talk him out of it since we have a close friend named Zoe. But it's okay; he didn't know, and it's unlikely the two will ever meet anyway.

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