Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep an eye on the kiddos...

Because you just never know what they're going to do while you're asleep:

Toddler buys real digger online

A New Zealand couple nearly found themselves in a financial hole when their three-year-old daughter bought an earthdigger in an internet auction.

Pipi had only been allowed to use the computer for the first time the week before - but is obviously a fast learner.

A good lesson in keeping your computer password-protected AND always logging off!

As an aside, perhaps "Pipi" is a normal-sounding name in NZ, but reading it to myself I'm reminded of something that happened on my recent visit to Arlington National Cemetery in DC. We got off the Metro and walked in to the cemetery; we wanted to make it in time for the final changing of the guard ceremony of the day. Cindy and I both really REALLY needed to go to the bathroom but were afraid we wouldn't have time because the line for the ladies' room was incredibly long and lined up outside the door. Ugh! So we went and lined up for bus fare to ride the shuttle over to the Tomb of the Unknowns.

As we approached the window, I caught sight of the clerk's name tag, which proudly announced her name to the world: Tee-Tee. I whispered this in Cindy's ear, feeling that she needed to know ahead of time so she didn't just burst into uncontrollable laughter when we got up to the window, thus causing both of us to actually Tee-Tee our britches.

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