Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inspired to paint

I have experienced a re-invigoration of interest in painting. One I finished this afternoon is what I will be entering in a local art competition this weekend (the theme is "Texas Traditions," whatever that's supposed to mean):

I can't seem to escape my Fauvist tendencies, so I'm going to indulge them instead and run with it.

I am not necessarily invigorated by the SUBJECT MATTER, per se, although I do love Texas. I just thought this might have a better chance of taking some sort of prize AND of being commercially viable in some way. People around here LOVE THEIR STATE and quite often will decorate their homes, inside and out, with "Texiana." It's just how we Texans roll. At any rate, I desperately need money and something like this might have a better chance of making some for me rather than one of my more, er, experimental works.

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