Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gettin' some REST

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Sundays have really improved for me since I ceased to feel obligated to attend church on Sunday nights. Our current church doesn't even HAVE services on Sunday night, which frees them up to have committee meetings and such. But the last church over in North Ruralville was one of those stodgy places that insisted on TWO SERMONS PER SUNDAY. I put my foot down from the beginning and just said, "I am not going to go on Sunday nights. Period. I need my rest and peace before I have to gear up to go to work on Monday mornings." And I stuck with it, even when people tried to send me on a guilt-trip about it. Sorry folks, I have drawn the boundary line and that's where it is.

I actually began drawing the line at church, in general, prior to accepting this position as worship leader. I tend to agree with Brant Hansen over at Kamp Krusty with regard to the whole notion of going to a building and spending money to have an institutional "church".

So why did I agree to "go backwards", so to speak?

I don't really know, to be honest. We needed the money, for sure, but I am seeing that I really do kind-of need the discipline and the sense of community and togetherness and mutual kindness and respect and family that this particular group of folks seems to represent. It's probably perfect for me, because it's not a high-pressure kind of place that puts guilt trips on those who attend... and they don't expect me to live and breathe and eat and sleep church stuff. They all have lives and realize that MY family does, too.

And with that, peeps, I'm going to retire to my bed for a Sunday afternoon nap. And I'm planning on enjoying it. And then when I wake up I'm going to watch last week's episode of Fringe that we divvered but didn't have a chance to watch yet.

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