Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Bend In the Road

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The Bend In the Road, Paul Cezanne

One of the things about the Anne of Green Gables book series that inspired me was Anne's love for the bend in the road... not only the literal bend in a road, but all that it figuratively represented -- the delightful and delicious unknown that lay in wait just beyond where you can't see.

I like this Cezanne painting particularly... not only because it reminds me of one of my favorite literary characters, but because of the masterful color blocking that Cezanne accomplished within its confines. It borders on the completely abstract, really, even though you can still just make out the road in the title of the work.

I am actively hunting for opportunities to get continuing ed credits at the D.C. galleries this summer. I love D.C. and I feel invigorated by the atmosphere there (even in summertime when it's so hot and humid). There is just so much to take in, and I want to spend time taking it in and absorbing it and giving it back to my students.

There's a fantastic six-day workshop at the National Gallery dealing with American art; I really really really really want to go, but the deadline is rapidly approaching and they are only accepting FIFTY EDUCATORS from all across the United States for this. There is a significant stipend that would defray my costs in attending, but the chances are slim-to-none that I'd be chosen to participate in the workshop. [sigh]

I'm still looking. I'm also looking at the Corcoran and at some of the other museums and galleries in the area. There has to be something.

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