Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This 'n that

Why, look! It's my elementary school in Norman, Oklahoma... we stopped in Norman on the way north so that Isaac could see the OU campus, and I decided to hunt down my old school and see if it's still in operation.

It is! Look!

And here I am with Joy, who I've known since sometime in 1995:

Joy and I have MUCH history together... MUCH. She has always had the knack of bringing out the best in me -- in unexpected ways. It's nice to be around people like her.

And then today I stopped in at the Clive (Iowa) Fire Department, where my friend Joni has been working the desk for lo! these many years:

Now I'm hangin' with BlueFish and the girlz, so expect a few more pictures to come. Blue is sitting on his couch playing these awesome jazz chords on his gee-tar. Holy smokes, this guy's got it goin' on.

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