Saturday, March 21, 2009

A morning jaunt

Okay, it was a three-mile jaunt.

And I didn't do it.

Somebody had to document it, right?

I found out this week that my UncleBeeb was running in a Denton 5K race today, so I scooted outta bed on a Saturday morning to cheer him on his way.

He brought along his pal, who sports some spiffy artwork:

Gotta stretch out before ya run, right?

And you should acknowledge your fan base as well. UncleBeeb and my own JoeMama are siblings, yanno. Pop showed up, too, to ask Beeb why he still had so much hair, that it would certainly slow him down.


About twenty minutes later:

And not too far behind:

After the race, you should consume water and eat healthy stuff like oranges and bananas and pose for pictures:

Congratulations, guys!

UPDATE: I've been informed that UncleBeeb won the third-place medal for his age bracket, while his pal won the second-place one for his!! WOW!! Y'all RAWK!!

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