Thursday, March 12, 2009

The joys of motherhood: part "I Lost Count"

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The eldest will NOT be accompanying us on our trip to Iowa this weekend. She gets to stay at home with her Dad.


Well, let's just say that she's been caught making inappropriate plans with a boy from Iowa (who she knew at her old school). Not that she could've brought any of those plans to fruition, mind you. Nonetheless, she won't even get to be tempted by the possibility.

Anyone who figures out how to safely stop this merry-go-round, let me know. I want OFF.

Hey, there's a bright side... the other two kids and I won't have to endure her hygiene issues for hours on end cooped-up in the van.

I'm horrible. I know. You don't have to tell me I'm horrible. I'm keenly aware of it. But between this and the financial debacle, I'm going to crack up if I don't talk about it, sort through it, even completely remove myself from it for a brief respite. This weekend just might be a teeny bit of the respite I so desperately need.

A dear friend from Minnesota has arranged to meet me in Des Moines and I'm going to photograph her daughter and a couple of her daughter's friends for their senior pictures. This daughter happens to be the one who was a delightfully precocious five-year-old when I first met her. I've been practicing for a while now, using my own students as photography guinea-pigs, and while I'm not even close to professional-level, I think I can produce photographs which will make them happy and make them feel as though they've gotten good senior pictures. Hopefully they'll let me blog about the experience, too.

And some of my musician pals have arranged to get together one evening while I'm there for a jam session. YESSS!! I *so* need this, I really do.

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