Monday, March 09, 2009

Desperate times...

First, I do not want anyone to misinterpret this post as a complaint. My husband and I both have jobs and we still own our house, so we're not in as bad a shape as others I know of.

But financially we are just not making it, and it's only a matter of time before things hit the fan for real.

We've analyzed our situation. The most significant drains on our income are medical and debt service. We weren't in debt at all when we moved down here, and we even had a little bit of money from the sale of our Des Moines house, but Rick was out of a job for so long that things got bad and we just haven't ever really recovered. The kids' medical bills and prescriptions are sucking the life out of us as well. The total debt is nearly $20K, the service of which is running us around $500 a month and which is quite literally killing us.

Today was Isaac's last piano lesson for a while. That's $85 a month that's freed up. We're switching off the TV, which will help too. Cell phones and internet will have to be last on the list to go, since they're both mission-critical items.

I'm going through all my clothes and I'm going to start posting stuff on eBay -- I have some very nice clothes that are just too big now.

And yet I still feel very panicky about our situation. Y'all pray for me, k? And pray that we are able to see what God wants us to do next, whatever that might be.


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