Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My newest food crush

Bimbuñuelos!!! They're crispy, lightly sugared and cinnamoned, and completely addicting.

Basically, they're a mass-produced version of a traditional Mexican treat called a buñuelo. This one's done by the Bimbo brand, so they tweaked the name as a nod to this. Most regular buñuelos are shaped like little cinnamon/sugar dough balls, but Bimbuñuelos are wheel-shaped and hollow, making them like crispy fried wonton noodles or something similar.

They do NOT taste mass-produced. They are YUMMY. Yummy, and oh-so-dangerous. I'm going to have to limit myself to one package a week or something. They're just so tasty, I don't think I can swear off them forever. I figure I lived my entire life without ever having tasted them, so I have a lot of time to make up for.

In Gainesville (10 miles north) there is a Mrs. Baird's Bread Store (Mrs. Baird's is a locally-produced brand of bread) which, besides bread, also carries prepackaged pastries like fried pies and other stuff like that. Usually it's stuff that maybe is getting close to its sell-by date and had to be removed from the regular store shelves but is still just fine to eat. Any-hoo, I bought a bunch of stuff at the bread store the other day for next to nothing, and threw in a few packages of Bimbuñuelos on a lark, never having tried them.

Dang. I have been missing out. These durn things are better even than Wavy Lay's potato chips. I wasn't sure anything was THAT good. I just finished the last package of them, and I'm going to see how long I can last before I simply MUST stop back in at the bread store and get more Bimbuñuelos to stoke my addiction once again.

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