Monday, January 05, 2009

Mmmmm... ribs...

I put on my long waffle-knit nightgown, long-handles, and an extra pair of socks. I was ready for bed, but I really needed a good back-scratch beforehand, so I sidled up to Rick.

He began scratching, and suddenly said, "Are those RIBS I feel? Sheesh, Kris!"

I didn't even know I still *had* ribs, but it's nice to become reacquainted with them.

We had freezing rain all day, but the ground temps were just high enough to keep the roads from icing over. Our vehicles and every other above-ground item, however, were covered with a layer of ice and dangly icicles. My feet were absolutely popsicles all day at school during the inservice meetings. When I got back to my classroom, the custodian lady was in there vacuuming. "I turned your heat down a little, hun, 'cuz it was kindy hot in here," she said.

I smiled, waited until she wasn't looking, and scooted the thermostat back up.

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