Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day!

Can't call it a "snow day." But it's much more dangerous than snow, and it's coating everything. Which means we stay home from school. I doubt we'll be doing any laundry, though... you see, this goofy old house has a few quirks. One of the more annoying ones, at least in the wintertime, is that the P-trap for the washing machine (which is on the second floor) is OUTSIDE THE WALL. As in, OUTSIDE. As in, FREEZES SOLID WHENEVER THE AIR TEMPERATURE HITS 32 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. As in, makes a giant waterfall in the kitchen below when you run the washing machine if it's below freezing outside.

Why, yes, I am speaking from experience, why do you ask?

Do you have ANY idea how much water comes out of a load of laundry when the washer is draining?

A lot.

Any-hoo, here in BallyHoo we'll all be socked-in at home, parking our toes in front of the gas stove. We still have electricity right now, PTL. Of course, everyone's used to getting up at this hour, so the house is up and running. But I will definitely be taking a leisurely morning nap in a little while. Oh, yes, I will.

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