Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here's one "celebration" I will NOT NOW, nor will I EVER participate in

Skwerl Appreciation Day

According to eHow, January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Here's how they suggest you celebrate it:

1. Check local television listings for documentaries about squirrels. The National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet are likely to have a special presentation.
2. Look out your window. Squirrels are everywhere. What can you learn about squirrels just by watching them in your own backyard?
3. Read a book about squirrels and their natural habitat.
4. Research squirrels online. You’ll find several sites dedicated just to our furry friends. Did you know, for instance, that there are 365 species of squirrels?
5. Put out extra food for squirrels during the winter. They need foods that are high in protein and low in cellulose. Nuts, seeds and suet are perfect foods.

I, too, appreciate skwerls, particularly when they're stewing in the crockpot. Here are my counter-suggestions for celebrating Skwerl Appreciation Day:

-- Check FoodNetwork listings for programs featuring skwerl recipes. I bet Paula Deen would cook up some terrific fried skwerl.
-- Look out your window and wait until you see a fat skwerl wandering around your yard. Aim carefully and quietly, and squeeze off a round.
-- Check out a book of wild game recipes from your local library. Stick Post-It notes on all the skwerl recipe pages. Did you know that when you Google "squirrel recipes", it returns 1.5 million results?
-- Research the correct skwerl hunting season dates for your state, and acquire the appropriate licensure.
-- Put out extra food for skwerls so they'll be good and fat when you manage to nab one. Make sure it's high in fat and protein so your skwerl-meat won't be tough and stringy.

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