Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My little heartbreaker

This is the Face Of Psoriasis. And the neck and shoulders and trunk and belly and arms, but I ain't showin' you all those.

We got a new medicine that's supposed to clear up the stuff on his face. The other medicine was not to be used on his face, but that was before his face broke out in the lovely plaques. He went to the dermatologist yesterday and she said that there were two kinds of medicine he could use on his face... one was a generic, the other was an incredibly expensive stuff. We opted for the generic. She gave us teeny samples of the whoop-de-doo stuff if we need it. I thought that was very decent of her. Let us hope the generic stuff works.

He still insists no-one at school has even asked him about his spots, much less teased him about them. This is something I am grateful for. He's using Cetaphil in the shower now as his soap, and Selsun Blue with Salicylic Acid for his hair (several reputable web sites recommend a shampoo with salicylic acid to aid in the sloughing of the skin that so stubbornly refuses to leave and forms weird plaques instead).

He's been a tremendously good sport about it.

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