Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I spent a significant amount of time carefully documenting all the issues we've been dealing with at home, then I took her to her regular appointment with her psychiatrist.

After spending time describing everything we're seeing at home, the doctor determined that a short-term day-treatment option was appropriate. I have no idea how we're going to do this, but do it we must. In the day-treatment center, she will spend all day there and come home at night. They will provide her with a certified teacher to help her keep up her studies, plus they will closely monitor her behaviors and moods to help get a better handle on what sorts of meds will have a better efficacy than what we're doing right now.

And for that matter, it gets us a track record of intervention which, when and if things escalate for her, will stand us in good stead if we ever have to make a more drastic decision.

I'll find out more information tomorrow. It may be that there's a six-month wait for this day-treatment program... in which case I will be contacting the doctor again and reminding her that I will be promptly dropping my kid off at her doorstep for that six-month period.

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