Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Interesting ads from November, 1966

I was born in November of 1966. Here's a tiny picture of the world then, as viewed through some November 1966 car ads.

The only one of those cars I'd think of driving around today might be the Ford LTD... it's got a classy campiness to it. The '67 Chevy is kinda cool, too -- and appealing because of that eight-track stereo system WITH a FREE 80-MINUTE TAPE INCLUDED.

I wouldn't own the AMC Rebel or the Dodge Polara or the Pontiac GTO if you gave them to me, fully restored. That Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiser is pretty godawful, too... I'm seeing in that vehicle the beginnings of a long era of fugly.

The Plymouth Belvedere isn't terrible. I'd take a restored one if someone gave it to me.

The VW Bug ad is just funny stuff.

My parents had a '67 Camaro when I was a baby. It was kickass kewl.

I wish we still had it! I would drive one of these in a heartbeat.

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