Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fam pix

My extended family -- my parents, my sister & her husband and their baby, and us.

Me & Pop. I know, I look just like him. It's true. I don't mind, actually. I think he's pretty darn awesome. He's been fighting Multiple Myeloma for about a year now, and the 'roids have made his face swell up, but he'll always be handsome to ME.

Me & Manita. Somebody had to get the looks in the family, right? She's spectacular. She works at a super-secret Lockheed-Martin facility in Fort Worth doing super-secret stuff. If she told me what she did, she'd have to kill me.

Isaac, playing in the leaf-burn pile. He kept tossing big armfuls of leaves into it to get it to flame up and smoke, and when the flames would get big he'd raise his arms and yell like a ninja.

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