Thursday, August 14, 2008

Second impressions

Today JoeMama, Manita and Baby Ava, and the kids and I went to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth to see the collection of Impressionist works on loan from Chicago. It was fun to see them again, since RedFish and I had previously seen them in Chicago when we the two of us took a road trip there.

Before we went to the museum, we went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Arizola's in Lake Worth, and I had the avocado enchiladas. I would've had fajitas or something adventurous, but my toothache prevented it. Other than that, though, I was able to consume food without fear of yacking it up afterward. It's still a very unfamiliar feeling, but it's one I think I could get used to.

One of the many fascinating paintings on display at the Kimbell is this one by Pierre Auguste Renoir of his son Jean sewing. Apparently Jean had such splendid hair that his father refused to allow it to be cut until he was seven and it was required for school. I have to agree -- Jean's hair was amazing. As an adult, Jean Renoir was a noted film director.

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