Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One down, fourteen more to go

I managed not to make a complete idiot of myself, I think, tonight. The class is an interesting menagerie of folks. A couple of them are of limited English proficiency by way of their immigration status, but the majority are just regular Joes.

It's kinda fun and different to teach college-age folks. The level of motivation is much different than in high school. These people WANT to get a college degree and realize that they have to pass this course before they can embark upon that journey. We talked tonight about job openings and salaries... on and, whenever you try to apply for jobs that pay $35K to $45K or more, it's almost a guarantee that "excellent communication skills" are a high priority. Anyone can go around and dig up an $8/hour job doing something brainless, but when you want to succeed and do better, you gotta belly up to the bar and learn to write and speak like a moderately-educated individual.

Let's hope I can help them along this pathway.

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