Friday, August 15, 2008

Had to stay up

I had to find out how the girls' gymnastics all-around competition went... yay USA! Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson ROCK. And they're REALLY the ages they say they are. That bronze medalist from China cannot be more than twelve. I don't have sour grapes; we have great gymnasts. I just wish Commies knew how to follow rules and tell the truth. They seem to have a pathological propensity for lies... it's what keeps their whole system running. And our NBC journalists are practically falling all over themselves to praise the Chinese system and how wonderful it is.

Phfft. Bunch of useful idiots.

I bought some time-release melatonin the other day and I took them the past two nights. WOW that stuff works and works well. It didn't make me all druggy-feeling, but I went to sleep and stayed asleep all night long. So nice! Thanks to Aunty Patti and Chicky for the suggestion.

I'd already be in bed tonight but my guts are extremely growly and gurgly and I'm not sure I wouldn't have to get up every five minutes to run to the bathroom. That usually happens after I have one of the protein drinks which I have to consume in lieu of one of my three daily meals. The particular kind of protein I got is quite palatable, really, considering how disgusting I have found protein drinks to be in the past. But they don't really agree with my digestive system at the moment. I think that's the idea, though -- I need to consume a LOT of protein because so little of it actually gets absorbed by my shortened digestive tract.

Today was another educational class at my surgeon's office, and I was gratified to see that they're really teaching the right stuff -- none of this "You may NEVER eat another bite of ice cream in your life EVER AGAIN" kind of thing. She encouraged us to eat sensibly, instead of telling us we should be on a diet. Lordy, if we could diet successfully, we wouldn't be in the position we're in. She gave us practical, real-life tips on post-op eating that can easily carry me through the rest of my life.

Looks like we may actually be moving this weekend. Still so much more work to do. After puttering around with the circuit box, Rick discovered that pretty much everything in the entire house is wired onto one circuit. Sheesh. What kind of idiot does that? If you turn on all the lights, it'll flip the breaker. Dorkuses. Any-hoo, the thing I'm going to try to work on over there tomorrow is window treatments. Not finished-product kind of things, just cheap mini-blinds that can give us privacy until we're able to do something nicer. I feel a bit useless since I won't really be able to do much of anything in the way of actually MOVING -- I can't lift much of anything for at least another three weeks. But I think I could pop in a few mini-blinds.

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