Saturday, July 19, 2008

The House on McCubbin Street

Here are some photos of the "new" house:

From the southwest corner

As you can see, the roof is in terrible shape (as is much of the rest of the house). Part of the purchase agreement stipulates the complete replacement of the roof (down to the decking). That will start sometime next week.

From the southeast corner

I know it looks a little scary, but won't this be an amazing house once we've made improvements and lived in it a while? I think so. Did you know it has over 2800 square feet? I never thought we'd have such a wonderful big space to spread out in. All the kids will have their own rooms for the first time in their lives. They are fit to be tied, they're so excited.

I know, it's not air-conditioned. And Texas heat is brutal. Yes, I'm aware of that. But we'll get a window unit for one room of the house at first, just to give us a bit of respite. And we're heading into the fall and winter months, which will give us a lot of time in which the temperatures are more seasonal and we can have the windows open while we work.

The east side, the front door

I can see lots of pretty changes that can be made someday, can't you?

The northeast corner

We don't know if those window a/c units work, but we're assuming not. Nobody's lived here for a while.

The northwest corner (the swimming pool)

Apparently this was practically a showplace once upon a time, and then renters and other ruffians ruined it. We hope we can bring it back, a little at a time.

We're looking forward to folks stopping by to visit whenever they're traveling up and down I-35 in north Texas. I mean that. If you need a bathroom break or a cuppa tea, we'll soon be ready to oblige.

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