Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tentative good news

We may... ***may***... have a HOUSE.

Right IN Ballyhoo, no less.

You heard me right!

We made a lowball offer on a short-sell property, and after much wrangling and jangling with bank people, they have approved our offer.

We have ten days to get it inspected; if there's termite damage or other expensive weirdness, we will probably back out of the deal.

It's in pretty sad shape cosmetically, but structurally it seems to be pretty decent. It's over a hundred years old (seems like those are the only kinds we can ever get) and it's big and roomy. It is very bare-bones, but we got it for a low price, so we will be able to afford to make the necessary changes... ripping down the cabbage-rose wallpaper will be high on the immediate to-do list.

More to come. I'm still not going to get really excited about this just yet. The rug gets yanked out from under us fairly regularly, and I don't like the feeling of being yanked around. If this goes through and we start moving in, THEN will I become enthusiastic.

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