Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No April Fool's pranks?

I haven't been surfing the 'net much today, so I'm not aware of any of the typical blogger pranks that may have been perpetrated today.

I was, however, on guard against high schoolers' pranks. And I'm totally shocked to say that I wasn't on the receiving end of a single prank today. Not one.

Of course, that's assuming that the stolen camera isn't a prank.

Yeah, the school's camera seems to have been nicked from my room, probably yesterday while there was a substitute there. I had taken the yearbook staff out for one more field trip to seek advertisement $$$, so there was a sub. I think she might've been fairly new and wasn't alert to the differences between kids who belonged in the room and kids who didn't. For that matter, they don't give keys to subs, so if she left the room, it would've been unlocked.

Not that that should've mattered. Ballyhoo just isn't that kind of place. Yeah, I know -- EVERY place is "that kind of place." I do know that. But it's just disappointing to me that someone would've deliberately come into my classroom and made off with the school's camera. [sigh]

And I swear on everything that's holy that I did NOT secretly do away with it so they'd have to buy the yearbook a new camera. Honest. I may have had my differences with that camera, but it was all I had, and I babied it as if it were a Nikon D3.

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