Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mysterious Wisteria

One of the primers I used to have in the first grade was titled Mysterious Wisteria. I had no idea then what that meant, and didn't care overmuch. But I never forgot it, and the day I learned what wisteria was, I was fascinated by its dangling bunches of of purple blossoms.

This enormous wisteria has completely taken over a twenty-foot-tall dead tree in a vacant lot in Ballyhoo.

UPDATE: I have done a little Googling and found that Mysterious Wisteria was, indeed, part of a series of basal readers published in the early 1970s. It was written by Theodore Lester Harris and encompassed books (in order of difficulty level) entitled Pug, Sun Up, Zip Pop Go, Green Feet, Blue Dilly Dilly, and finally Mysterious Wisteria. I distinctly remember feeling very, very solemn upon finishing Blue Dilly Dilly because it meant I was going to begin Mysterious Wisteria -- a title that sounded quite daunting to my seven-year-old self. Surely there was no way I could actually accomplish such a feat as finishing that final, purple volume.

It would be fun to find a complete set of those readers sometime.

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