Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wow. Just wow.

Okay, a note before I begin. I hate The Pioneer Woman. Not the statue, doofus. The blogger. I hate her for many reasons, most of which I won't go into, but one very significant reason I hate her is because she has the camera I want.

Yeah, it's pure, sin-filled envy. That's TWO of the seven deadlies. I freely admit it. I'd probably love her to pieces if I met her, but I don't want to meet her. I want to go on hating her.

Doesn't mean I don't read her blog regularly. Something has to feed the envy, dontcha know?

Speaking of feeding, she has a second blog (add insult to it, why don't you?) called The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and she posts recipes. Along with beautiful photographs of her recipes, taken with that spectacular camera that I can't have.

And she has posted a recipe today that I swear I'm going to inhale as soon as I am able to eat solid food again someday.

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